Monday, June 28, 2010

July Outreaches

Winter break is almost here and July is going to be a busy month.

We have 2 weeks of clubs coming up and we are so excited to see what God will do.

July 15th-20th we have a group of 14 young adults coming down from São Paulo to help us out with a a weekend kids club as well as canvasing and survey work. Here are some prayer requests for that weekend. 1. Pray for them as they travel approximately 10 hours to get here.
2. That we would have a good group of kids come out to the local park for the club.
3. That we would be able to start several new Bible studies from contacts made through the
4. That we would have visitors at our Sunday Services from these same contacts.
5. That children and adults would be saved.July 26-30 we have a group of 4 young adults as well as the Taylors and Nunleys coming from Curitiba to help with a kids club. We will be holding this club at the local gym. We have gotten permission from the school to use it and they helped us plan the time so that our program begins as soon as theirs ends. They will be encouraging all their participants to come over to our club. The director told James to expect around 100 kids. This does not include all the kids that participated in our clubs last year who are regularly asking when our next club will be. We are praying that we will have well over 100 children participate.

Please pray:
1. For safety during travel for the group.
2. For a good group of kids to come out.
3. For the presentation of the Gospel to be clear and simple.
4. For hearts to be saved.
5. For parents to be open to having us do Bible studies with them.
6. For strength for all of us as we plan and then hold these outreaches.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Best Friend

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you with joy. And of this I am sure, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ. For it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure. Rejoice in the Lord, glory in Christ Jesus and put no confidence in the flesh.

Thanks for all the fun memories...

For teaching me to REST...

For passionately growing in the Lord and challenging me to grow too...

For being my Best Friend.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

World Cup Outreach

Today Brazil played the Ivory Coast, so of course had to take advantage and have an outreach.

This turned out to be a great opportunity to build more bridges with people that we have been working with, doing studies with, and those who have started attending our Sunday Bible study.

David grilled some meat which is served cut into pieces and eaten using toothpics. A brazilian finger food!

We had ice cold Cokes & Guarana and some yummy chocolate popcorn.
The kids alternated between watching the game with us, or playing their own game.

We are praising the Lord for all the doors He is opening into the lives of the people we have prayed for and are working with.

Just an EXTRA PRAISE: We had 23 out this morning for our Bible Study, 11 Adults & 12 Kids (ourselves included.) James taught the adults, Sharon taught the older 9 kids and I had a little 2&3 class with the younger ones. This is getting FUN!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

World Cup in Brazil

The World Cup is a huge phenomenon here in Brazil. Yesterday was Brazil's first game; school let out, the mall closed, people are off work; all to cheer for their country.

The streets were silent during the afternoon game; until there was a GOOOOAAAAALLLLLL! and then you could hear cheers and yelling and horns from all around. Add to that the loud fireworks and it is exciting.

The country became more and more patriotic as the World Cup drew closer. Flower beds planted in green, yellow & blue, fountains painted, cars and buses with Brazil details. Flags hung on houses and cars. Streets painted and streamers hung.

This may not seem so impressive to you there in the Patriotic country of America but here it is unique. The first Independence day picinic we went to here, we were only ones wearing Brazil's colors. In general this is not a "wear your country's colors" country. BUT, for Futebol, they all unite behind their flag and their team!
Go Brazil!

Monday, June 07, 2010

Fishing for Men

We have been visiting with a family once a week for about 3 months. We go and just chat about life and then James asks if he can share something from the Word of God with them. We always focus in on the Gospel and have had some wonderful opportunities. This eventually led to the whole family coming to our Sunday Bible Studies. They have come 4 weeks now! Along with all the spiritual "sowing" we have been trying to show love and reach out to them with friendship.

Saturday we all went out fishing together. The husband was raised by a fisherman and knows lots of good places and tricks of the trade. So, we all headed off, 4 adults and 7 kids. We walked about a mile or so to a great little fishing place.

We brought sandwiches and cookies and made an afternoon of it.
Lots of fun, fishing and informal conversations.

We fished with simple bamboo poles and played with everything we could find. One of the boys caught this crab. The Dad pulled the pinchers off and the girls and Jer made a pool for him to swim in. Jer is not sure if he really likes him or not.

Hannah playing with a little blowfish that we caught

I think this part of evangelism sounds too fun to work; but we really think that it is very valuable for them to not only hear the Gospel from you but to see it lived out in your life.

Interesting bait

So, do you have a neighbor you can purposefully reach out to this summer? You won't believe how God can work through our willingness to reach outside of our churches and share Him.