Sunday, January 31, 2010

Soccer Outreach

CHRIST is proclaimed, and in that I rejoice. Philippians 1:18

We praise the Lord for the group that came out today for our soccer outreach. We had been praying and it is exciting to see God work.

We started our time off with a presentation of the Gospel. David clearly shared that all men are sinners and are separated from God. That the ONLY WAY to salvation is through faith in Christ's shed blood. These men need the Lord but seem to be running away from the Only Savior.

Each man left with the tract, 2 Ways to Live.
Pray that they will read it and that the Word of God will pierce their hearts.
Pray for us as we follow up with visits to the homes of these men.
Pray for opportunities to do Bible studies with these men.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Experiments and Praises

Starting with Praises:

Sunday night James went around to a couple of our neighbors to invite them to our Soccer Outreach the next week. One of our neighbors invited him in to talk and that turned into our whole family being invited in and staying for over 3 hours. We praise the Lord for various opportunities to share the Gospel with them as well as to build our relationship with them.

Monday night James & David had the 5th Bible Study on Christianity with our Spiritist friend. It went really well but at the same time was frustrating to see someone try to combine Spiritism with Jesus Christ. To get people to understand there is ONLY ONE TRUTH is so very complicated! Please keep praying that God will break through his heart of stone and show this man the greatness of our God.

Wednesday night James and I were able to restart a series of Bible studies with a woman. We have finished 6 weeks of Christianity Explained with her and are now 2 weeks into the Bible Explained. We praise the Lord that she was willing to restart the study with us this year. She seemed very open last night and we continue to pray for her salvation.

As we were walking home from our Bible study, we saw another contact pulling into his driveway so we stopped to talk to him and were invited in for watermelon. We were able to spend about and hour with this man and his wife. Again sharing with them the need to get back into God's Word. Pray that James & David and this man would be able to start a weekly Bible Study and that Sharon & I would be able to do one with his wife.

We were also so thankful that David and Sharon were willing to watch our kids last night so we could make these two great visits.

Now, on to EXPERIMENTS:Every Thursday the kids and I do a little Science Experiment. We have been learning about magnets and so today there were several little things to try out. It is so fun to see them decide on a hypothesis and then find out the magnet has much more power than the kids realized. Here, they put a thumb tack on the bottom of a cork, put a sail on top and floated it is a small tray of water. They were able to hold the magnet under or over the tray and float their "boats." They had lots of fun until the water spilled:)
At the end of the experiments they were given a puzzle; how to pick up a piece of paper with a magnet and a nail. I was amazed at how quickly Daniel figured it out. I asked him how he knew and he told me he just thought about the other experiments. You just have to put the nail under the paper and the magnet over the paper and it lifts the paper right up!

Thanks for praying for both our ministry here with the Brazilians and our new teaching ministry to our own children. It is so exciting to see the Lord working!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hannah Turns 6!!

Wow! Two weeks of Homeschooling and a birthday and I cannot believe how far behind I have gotten on my blog!

Monday was Hannah's 6th Birthday. We were blessed to have Granna & Grandpa come down from Curitiba to spend the day with us. Unfortunately for us, Hannah caught some strange stomach bug on Sunday and was sick two times during the night. She was fine on her birthday but didn't have an appetite.

We all got together for breakfast while she opened her presents. Each of her presents was centered around the beach. She got a Strawberry Shortcake beach towel, Swimming suit, floaty, sun hat, sand buckets and shovels; everything she needed for a day at the beach.

After breakfast we all piled into the car for a day at the beach. It was a beautiful day and we had a WONDERFUL time!

For dinner that night we grilled linguica (sausage), and hamburgers. Then we cut into the sensational birthday cake! We continue to pray for Hannah to grow in her love for the Lord. We know we must both faithfully teach her about our amazing Lord and faithfully model what a relationship with God looks like. Pray with us that Hannah will grow to love the Lord with all her heart.

Monday, January 11, 2010

First Day of Homeschooling

Here in Brazil, the school year starts at the beginning of the year and ends in December. Since Daniel and Hannah just finished up their Brazilian schooling in December, we are starting our homeschooling now!

Today was our official first day of homeschooling!

Everyone was so excited. (We are praying that this attitude will last!) We started off with our normal family devotional time, led by James. Then we jumped into our classes. There are several subjects the kids can do together so we begin the day doing their individual work and then after our morning break, we do our group work. James comes in to teach them History just in time for me to go and make lunch.

It went really well this morning and we are looking forward to all that we will be learning about the rest of the year.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement regarding this big change in our lives.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Our First Offical Service

Last Sunday we "officially" began our Sunday Services here in Floripa. It really more of an elaborate Bible study. We begin with singing a few songs and then we break the children off from the adults. The Sharon and I take turns teaching the kids and David and James take turns leading the Adult Bible Study.
Our first Sunday we were privileged to have an old friend of David & James come and lead our Bible study. They spent a few days and we were so encouraged by the time we spent with them.

We have been spreading the word to others that we have been having Bible Studies with, and are praying that God will bring more people out to our Sunday Bible Studies. We are also trying to get several other Bible studies going during the week. Please continue to pray with us that God would lead us to open doors. That one day we would see a Church here that is a shining beacon of truth in this dark world.