Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Privilege of Proclaiming Christ

Today I was able to participate in my first bible study with a woman here in Sao Jose. I want to share with you God's soverignty in leading her to us.

We met Andrea during the kids club at David and Sharon's house. She never received an invitation to our club. She happened to drive by with her 5 year old son and decided to stop by on Thursday afternoon. She watched for the first few minutes and then arrived early to pick up her son, observing us the whole time. Friday she came back for the parents day and spent the whole 2 hours with us.

As everyone was finishing up on Friday she and I got to talking. As we discussed how good it was for kids to learn about God, I asked her if she would be interested in learning about God herself. She indicated that she wanted to know more about God. I told her about our Bible study "Christianity Explained" that is a 6-week study through Mark that explains who Christ Jesus is and why He came. Would you be interested in doing this? Yes she said. Ok, let me make sure we have your information. She followed me to our registration table and even wrote extra contact info on herself!

Sharon followed up with her for 2 weeks, playing phone tag and almost giving up. Yet, she recommitted and today finished her 3rd week of the study!

As I sat there today watching an unbeliever with a Bible open in front her, discussing the resurrection of Christ and what a person must believe in order to be saved, I was THRILLED and AWED to be a participant!

God is being glorified through the faithful teaching of His Word. We are making a difference here because we are faithfully proclaiming Christ. What a PRIVILEGE!

Take every opportunity to proclaim your Savior with others. I KNOW that it is hard to get started but there is no greater joy.
James putting together the new Bible Study booklets that David designed this week. As we follow up with the parents from our clubs we are offering to leave the booklet with them for a few days to look over it and decide if they would be interested in doing a study.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Family Blessings

I am so thankful for the opportunity that Hannah and I had to visit my family. I am even more thankful for a family that loves the Lord. The bond that we have because of our Savior makes our family even closer.

I am so blessed to have my two closest girl-friends as my Mom and Sister. To have a real Titus 2 woman for a mother is amazing. I was so moved to hear testimonies of all the ladies that my mom has helped in their spiritual walk. Not through an "official" role of counselor but day to day conversations that she is able to use to help them in their walk with the Lord. She always has such wise counsel for me as well. I feel so abundantly blessed that we are friends as well as family and that I get to benefit from knowing her.

Laura is in the midst of the most "trying" time of life with 3 LITTLE ones yet she is focused on her relationship with God. She told me one day that if she has not been feeding on the Word how can she hope to feed her children. I am so proud of her and her desire to continue growing in the Lord as well as to teach her children to love the Lord. I love it that my time with my mom and sister is edifying!

It was so good to sit under my Dad's expository preaching of the Word. To see that he is committed to the faithful preaching of the Word even though most people today are not interested in the Truth. Over the years as He has come to know the love of his Savior he more and more reflects that love. I so appreciated the unconditional, generous love he demonstrated toward us.

Albert and I had so much fun together playing in the waves at the beach with Hannah. We went out to the deeper part and then just let the waves carry us away. I am thankful that Albert is not content to let that happen spiritually. I am proud of his battle to fight the status quo of "normal" American Christianity,to not let the world and its ways carry him away from the Lord.

Not one of us Armitages are perfect. Yet I am so thankful that all of us realize that we are in a battle. That we must PURSUE righteousness, faith, love, and peace along with those who call on the Lord from a pure heart. This is a family that I am blessed to be a part of.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Guess Where I Am?

Hannah's discoveries of day 1:

The fun of blow drying her hands, usually she just wipes them on her clothes!

Long John Silvers & Corn dogs

Meeting the only other girl cousin ~ Abigail!!!!

Life is FULL of long lines!
One more minus the picture:
You can flush toilet paper in American toilets
the flushing button is not on the wall, the top of the toilet or the seat, it is beside the seat.

Well, I am currently in Houston, Texas to Surprise my parents for their 35th wedding anniversary.

James, Daniel, & Jer took Hannah and I to the airport in Florianopolis yesterday afternoon. Hannah did great on the flights and we arrived in Houston at 5:00 a.m.
It was so hot & humid when we arrived that my camera was very foggy! This was the best we could get.

At lunch time we surprised my Dad at work and then went out for Long John Silvers for some Malt Vinegar with our fish!

Tonight we had a special outreach at church to try to get more families to come. We had 12 kids there and several parents. My parents are working with the other church members to involve these younger families. I had lots of fun getting to know a mom of one of their Good News club kids that visited. She has the same struggles with her English that I have with Portuguese! We really enjoyed chatting and I got to share the gospel with her. She says she will come back next Wednesday with her daughter & possibly some friends.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Final week of Bible Club

Last week was our final week of Kids Bible Clubs. This week we met at David & Sharon's house which is about 9 blocks from our house. The first day we had about 8 kids waiting out side the gate 30 minutes before we were to start. That first day was a challenge as we had several small children that needed lots of attention.

This week we had to separate them during game time.

Little kid game time with Tia Sharon:
Big kid game time with Tio David:

Story time with Cloves:

Craft time:
Snack time & Gospel challenge:

Our story time went well but was a little more challenging with the bigger group. Every day we had 30 kids. Not always the same kids, but 30 kids! God blessed us by not sending more. With only 4 adults and 2 little kids sleeping in the house (Jer & Gabe), we had our hands full!

The last day we had 31 kids and 3 parents come out. We had one parent, Andrea who is very interested in having a Bible study in her home. David and Sharon are going to meet with her this week to get things going.

Pray for us now as this is the hardest part. Follow-up. Our goal is to visit the homes of all the kids who attended. Pray that we have courage and positive results.