Monday, June 22, 2009

Around the House

Here are just a few things that are going on around the Taylor house.

Daniel has started to fix his own hair. He finds it very interesting that gel will last ALL day. He has experimented with a couple of different styles but this is the most popular.

Hannah and Jer look so adorable and sweet in their footy pajamas. Hannah has about outgrown these so I thought I had better get the picture in quick.

We live in a damp climate without air conditioners or heaters. Therefore, we have put things out in the sun to dry them out. Today is the last sunny day we are going to have for a while so I pulled out all the kids bedding, rugs and stuffed animals and winter coats to sit in the sun. It is supposed to kill the mold and mildew. When I pulled off their comforters they were damp. We are currently using flannel sheets otherwise your bed feels wet when you get in at night.
As I stand on our patio looking at my stuff in the sun, most of my neighbors have their stuff hanging out their windows, sucking up the sun too!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


My mom recently reminded me that church planting is a marathon and not a sprint. Good advice. We just need to keep plugging along; judging faithfulness by effort and not results. It is easy to be discouraged when we don't "see" things happening but we KNOW our sovereign God is always at work and it is He who brings the harvest.

The biggest obstacle right now is getting those first few contacts. Once we have a few saved they will lead to multiple other contacts. Being new in the area causes us to start completely from scratch. My neighbor asked me yesterday how our Bible studies are going. I told her slow. She told me that her and her husband were talking about it and it will take time for people to trust us and allow us to teach them. Pray for contacts.

The past 2 days we have had 3 guys here working on our leaky roof. James has talked with them quite a bit and one of them seems interested in the Gospel and the possibility of doing a study. Friday James gave him a tract which he read and then had his wife read. Today he took home another tract and the information about the Bible study. Pray for Alfonso that he and his wife would do the study with James.

And Praise the Lord for this contact!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Corpus Cristi

Yesterday was a national holiday here called Corpus Cristi; meaning, the Body of Christ. It is a celebration of the body of Christ, "real and substantial presence of Christ in the Eucharist." (Eucharist signifying the Lord's Supper, but they believe that the bread IS the body of Christ and the wine IS the blood. Not a representation.)

Since it was a holiday and the kids were off school, we went exploring and came upon this:

A group of people follow the priests, carrying the body of Christ, follow a path through part of the town. The path is made with colored dirt and depicts various christian symbols. This picture shows the path after they walked over it.

Here you can see Christ healing a man.

We were with some missionary friends and one of them mentioned that is was sad that so few weeks after the Celebration of the Resurrection of Christ, they were carrying his "dead" body down the street. Here is a short video of the end. Sorry the quality is not the best.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our First Study...

Yesterday was our first Bible Study. All day long we were both praying and thinking about who would come..., would anyone come..., Lord, just one...

Well at 7:15 we got our 1.

Several days over the past week James, David, Sharon and I have gone out door to door inviting people to come. Saturday James and I ended up meeting and visiting with a single man who is a strong JW. We had a good talk with him and James was able to raise a few good questions.

Well, this was the one God allowed to come to our first study. James let him share a little more and then led him to really focus in on Salvation and how can we know that we will be with Christ at the end.

I was so proud of how James stayed away from the many subjects we differ on, and kept turning the focus back to salvation and Christ.

Tonight David and Sharon will offer their first study; pray that people will come.

Wednesday we are offering our second study and we are praying for 2 people to come. Does that seem to small? If you want to pray for more, I would welcome it!!

Monday, June 01, 2009

Potty Time!

It is potty training time here. Definitely not my favorite phase. I am so thankful for Daniel and Hannah's enthusiasm. They are always both willing to sit in the bathroom with Jer, waiting for him to go. Daniel will read to him and Hannah will bring various activities to the bathroom to occupy his time. I thought this picture was so cute. Hannah brought 2 little Chalk-boards to the bathroom for them to draw while waiting. I think the motivation for all the kids is the jelly bean reward when there is a success!