Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's Official! We're Moving!

Yesterday was a big day here at the Taylor house. In the morning James confirmed our move with a moving truck.

The kids headed off for their last day of school here in Curitiba. We are so thankful for all the growth they had at Collegio Graciosa. Their Portuguese is excellent, Daniel is a wonderful reader and Hannah is mastering writing her letters. We are very sad to say goodbye to their teachers.

Jeremiah has been busy helping (not so much:) me pack and we are really starting to make some headway.

Finally at about 4:15 p.m. our contract arrived in the mail. The house in now officially ours. We still have to sign the contract, but we are now paying rent so I guess it is ours!

Tuesday is a holiday here so we will be loading the truck on Wednesday and then driving down and unloading on Thursday.

We will be here in Curitiba on the weekends to finish out the month at Nova Vida.

Please pray that we will walk this path of change with our eyes on the Lord. Pray that I will not be anxious or over think the little details.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Celebrations

Easter has come and gone so quickly I can hardly believe it. Here are a few snapshots of our Easter celebrations.

Here Easter is about big chocolate eggs with a surprise inside. Kids don't get Easter baskets or Easter dresses, they get a big egg. Right after Christmas, the stores start filling up with egg displays. They hang them on racks over head and you literally walk under the shadow of thousands of eggs. We did the "egg" part of Easter a week early. We colored our eggs and then did several egg hunts.

The "masking tape" look

Hulk Hands

Even Gabriel got in on the fun!

The week of Easter we hung up Daniel's display of the passion of the Christ. Pictures he colored from the last supper to the Resurrection of Christ. Our family Bible reading was about the death and resurrection of Christ.

Sunday we had our annual church breakfast, presentation and then Sunday Evening a cantata.

We are praising the Lord for several unsaved visitors at the Cantata. James brought the challenge at the end of the cantata. As he began to preach, the music from the bar across the street just seemed to blare into our building. A little boy walked up the his sister and started talking loudly. A young girl was playing with a ring and it fell to the floor and bounced across the floor and up to James feet. I started to praying, Lord, stop the music, guard us from interruptions and let these people here of Your Salvation. I prayed that satan would be bound from this place and that God would just open the eyes of their hearts. As I continued praying I suddenly noticed that the music was gone and all was quiet within the church. I praise the Lord and continued to pray for his protection so the people could hear the Gospel.

Later that night I found out that one of our visitors was a spiritist. I have no doubt that God triumphed over the power of satan in our church that night. I never knew as I prayed how strong the spiritual battle was.

We had another visitor; his wife was recently arrested and is awaiting trial where she will most likely be imprisoned for 2-3 years. The man has often told his children he won't come to church but he was here on Easter Sunday. God has shaken up his world and this man is searching. Pray with us that God will bring the gospel to his mind this week. The Gospel is the only hope for this man. The Gospel will change his life, his children's lives, and the lives of all who know him.

He Gave His Life, A Ransom for Many...