Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Cantata 2008

This weekend was the final two performances of our Christmas Cantata. The Choir and Orchestra were made up of people from 4 area churches.

It was such a privileged for me to be able to participate. Saturday night the cantata was at Calvary, right next door to our house. We invited several of our neighbors and were excited that two families came.
Afterward there was coffee and cookies so we had a great time of fellowship. We had several opportunities to talk about the Lord after the concert and are praying for God to continue to work in hearts.

Sunday night, we had the cantata at our church. We had prayed and worked as a church to have 100 people, including the choir and orchestra.
God answered above and beyond and we had 110 people. I think 31 were in the Choir and orchestra. That means our church had 79.
It was kind of a "family affair," in that Phil and I sang, Mary Ruth played the cello and James gave the challenge at the end.

James gave a wonderful challenge at the end. Focusing on WHY we need a savior. He explained what sin is and using Matthew 1 gave a wonderful salvation message.
Please continue to pray with us that God will use His Word to change lives in our area.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Daniel's Christmas Concert

(Daniel is in the light green shirt, left group toward the center.)

Last night we celebrated the end of the first grade for Daniel. The school had a Christmas program for grades 1st-4th. We could hardly believe how many people were there for the program. Grana and Grandpa and rest of us had to squeeze in where ever we could find a seat.

Daniel sang as part of the Choir. There were 6 songs mixed in with a drama. The story line was of insects trying to discover the reason for all the food and presents this time of year. Finally they learned that the humans are celebrating Christmas, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

It was a cute program.

We are so proud of Daniel and all that he has learned this past year. He is really growing. We pray that he will not only grow physically and in general knowledge, but most importantly, that he will grow in his knowledge and love of the Lord.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Feliz Natal

Last night we had our youth Christmas party. It was so much fun. I have to share some of the fun games that James and I found on the internet.

The first game was an on-going game. Each person got a hat which they had to wear the entire night. When James discreetly took off his hat, we had to take ours off as well. The last one with a hat on is the loser. It was really interesting to see how long it took people to notice that it was time to take off their hat. You can play this several times through out the night.

Aren't our elves cute!!

We did several games using gloves. This game had a present that was wrapped in several boxes, each increasingly larger. A player had to roll a six on a die, then quickly put on the hat and gloves and try to unwrap the gift before the next person rolled a six, took the gloves and hat and tried to open it for themselves. The person who finally opened the package got the keep the present.

The next game was a relay. The participants had to put on a pair of gloves, run to the bowl of Hersey's Kisses, unwrap a kiss and then run back and put it into the mouth of the next person in line. They then put on the gloves and ran to unwrap the next kiss. It is very difficult to open candy with gloves on!!!
Next we played a game called reindeer antlers. Each team had a pair of nylons and 8 balloons. They had to race to blow up the balloons and fill the nylons. The winner had to get the antlers on and take a picture before the other team finish. I couldn't believe how much like antlers they really looked!!Our "Hannah-deer"

The winners!

The losers!

Our next game each person was a given a piece of green construction paper. They had to tear it into the shape of a Christmas tree with their hands behind their back. They could then decorate it. We hung them all on the wall and had each person vote to see who's was the most beautiful.


Don't you love our beautiful forest!

Our final game was Pictionary. You know how it goes!

We had drawn names for gifts before hand and find out who you had, you had to draw them on the white board. It was a riot!
We are so thankful for the teens that God has given us to work with. It has been so encouraging to see them growing in the Lord the past few months. Thank you for your prayers on their behalf.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Our Precious Blessings

This week was a tough one at the Taylor house. Monday night at 12:30 a.m. Jeremiah started throwing up, every hour until 7:30 a.m. James and I prayed fervently that it wouldn't spread but of course it did!!! Thursday night, Hannah and Daniel both got sick as well. After lots of laundry and patience, everyone was finally doing better. Saturday morning I took some pictures in our front yard. I thought you might enjoy seeing how much they are all growing.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Great Weekend

Our great weekend began on Thursday evening. James and I got all dressed up and attended the Seminary Banquet. This is a time of food, fellowship, and allowing the graduates to share how God has worked in their lives over the past few years. It is always encouraging to hear their testimonies.
Of course, eating was the last thing on the schedule so some of us were a little impatient to eat!
Friday morning we headed to the church to put up some Christmas decorations. This is a part of what we put up. We included the verse in Matthew 1:21, "And you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins."
Friday night, we headed out to the Seminary for the graduation. We had 6 teens from our church attend. We are praying that one day some of them will surrender to serve the Lord. Saturday afternoon I had practice for a Christmas Cantata that is being done by 4 churches. We each had Cd's with our parts on it and we practiced with the Cd. Saturday was the practice when we all came together for the one and only time before the performances. I will post pictures of the cantata sometime in the next two weeks.

Saturday evening we had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Pr. Claudiene and Elenieu. This is the Brazilian couple we worked with last year. They are now planting a church in the northern part of our state. They had a meeting at a church in Curitiba and we were able to squeeze in a visit.
Sunday we had a special service in the eveing. The group of kids I work with on Thursdays quoted Psalm 100. It was neat to see the surprise on the adults faces as the kids just kept quoting! James leads the singing in the evening and he included a brief look at some of the prophecies regarding the birth of Jesus Christ. It was a great way to start off the Christmas season.