Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Week of Thanksgiving

Last Monday started off with a bang! James took Ellen and Barry for a Doctor visit and by the time they got back home, Ellen had started labor! So, on November 17th Mark joined the missionary family here in Curitiba.
Thank you Lord for the safe arrival of this new little one.

Hannah was thrilled to hold the new little baby, here less than 24hrs old! She was excited to learn that one day she too would be a mommy.

Thank you for all the friends you have given us here.

We had our Thanksgiving dinner on Friday the 21st this year. We always have it early here in Curitiba because every year on Thanksgiving Day, the Seminary has its Graduation Banquet. We were so thankful to have 23 people at our thanksgiving.

Thank you for many helping hands who make burdens light.

We had a turkey and a pernil which is a hunk of pork. The only hams here are lunch meat hams and that didn't sound appetizing!
Thank you for all the fun little surprises you have for us.

We had a great day of fun and fellowship. We had our dinner at the MK school so there was lots of room. The kids found all the fun games hidden away in the cabinets. James put up the volleyball net and a few of us burned off some of those calories.
Thank you for healthy bodies.

One of the moms told the thanksgiving story to the kids and then they colored cornucopias. Hannah was having trouble making her fruit so Daniel helped her!

Thank you for families and the love they share.

We couldn't resist putting in a picture of our Jer with his new friend Luke. They are so cute running around with their little white hair, our little Pollocks(as the brazilians often refer to them!)

Thank you for all the memories you give us.

Thank you for edifying conversation.

We wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good;
For His steadfast love endures forever!
Ps. 118:1

Monday, November 17, 2008

Church Picnic

Saturday we had our annual area wide church picnic. We rent out a place and everyone brings their lunch and spends the day together. Our church had to rent a bus because we had more people going than we had cars. It felt rather festive as everyone waited for our departure.
Hannah was thrilled to be going on a bus. Right away people began to bring out their food and share with everyone. The bus was filled with singing and laughter. Once we arrived we all lugged our things down the hill.

We set up the food immediately, knowing this is one of the highlights of the day! Let the fun begin!!!
There were lots of organized activities as well as free time. Our people participated in the soccer, volleyball and ping-pong tournaments.
Our kids enjoyed a special childrens program where Daniel lost his 4th tooth!!!!

God blessed us with a beautiful, sunny day.

He blessed us with safety to and from the picnic, and He blessed us with edifying fellowship.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Talking like a Dad

Last night after church James had the opportunity to lovingly rebuke two of the teen boys in our church. It was very difficult for James but he felt strongly burdened by the Lord to confront them.

At one point James said, "I don't want you to be afraid of me." They responded by saying, "No, you are talking to us like a dad." James is praising God for this response as this was the spirit in which he was approaching them. Amazingly neither of these boys has a father in their house and are really lacking in guidance. God is so good in helping them see James in this role. Today James is at one of the boys house trying to encourage them to be in the Word daily as this is where true Wisdom is found.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Area Youth Rally

I don't think anyone really calls them "rallys" anymore, but I can't seem to think of the modern word!

Anyhow, we had a great time tonight at our area youth gathering. All our sister churches in the city get together every couple of months. This was my first time to be able to go.

Several youth groups shared special music, including ours! We then had great challenge from one of the area pastors on being a Quente Christian or Frio (hot or cold). James was very happy to hear the pastor interpret the passage in Rev. 3 correctly. You can be a hot christian or a lukewarm christian or a cold unbeliever.

After the challenge we had a time of food and fellowship. It seems to be a really good opportunity to get to know other Christians in the area.

Continue to pray for our group to grow in the Lord, we have several lukewarm Christians in the group. Pray that God will give James wisdom in confrontation.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Happy Birthday Jer!!!

Today is Jeremiah's second birthday.

We celebrated last night. We started with a McDonald's Mclanche Feliz, (happy meal). The french fries are always the first to go!

We had cake at home and it was fun to see him realize we were singing to him. He was not sure what he was supposed to do about blowing out the candles or even what to do with the presents.

After presents we popped popcorn and watched Ratatouille while playing with his new ball, trucks and all the balloons.
We praise the Lord for His wonderful gift to us. Jeremiah is such a joy and a blessing.