Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hannah's Relationship with God

Last night as I was putting Hannah to bed, we were talking about sinning and if she liked to sin. She said that she did, even though it didn't feel good afterward. We talked about Jesus being the only one who can help us not sin. I told her John 3:16 but using her name in place of "the world."
After I finished the verse she said, I want to believe but I forgot today. So, she prayed then then telling Jesus she was sorry for disobedience and she believed that He died on the cross for her. I wasn't sure if she really understood or not but then she got this huge smile on her face, I said, why are you smiling so big and she said, "Cause, I believe!!!" Her word and her amazing response, I KNOW that God is really working in her heart.

The picture is how she spend almost 30 minutes last night, telling everyone that

Ladies Retreat 2008

Well, last weekend I was able to attend my second brazilian ladies retreat! It was a great time of fellowship with the ladies in our church as well as with the ladies of the other area churches. This is our group. Saturday night at dinner we were given the option to dress like an occupation. We had a nurse, a cook, a model, a graphic designer and I was a teacher. (I know, not very creative!)

It started at 8:00 p.m. on Friday night. We waited, and waited and waited until 9:45 and finally after everyone arrived, we started dinner!We had hot dogs for supper at 10 p.m. CAN YOU IMAGINE?????????

We had a wonderful speaker, Dawn Patefield, who is a missionary in Rio de Janerio. She was a great encouragement on living for the Lord, especially as a mother. She said two things that really struck a chord with me. One: Pray and pray and pray and pray for your kids, you are in a spiritual battle for their souls. Two: The Word of God is always more powerful than Mom's words, teach it to your children and let it be the standard for living in your home.

This year we did alot of games in the afternoon. If they ladies were too old to play, they cheered their team on! It really helped to break down walls and we really got to know one another.

Over all, we had a marvelous time and I can't wait for next year, except for the lack of sleep!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Ebb and Flow of Missions

This has been an interesting month here on the
Curitiba Station. At the beginning of the month we had the privileged of welcoming the Farlows to the station. It is so exciting to see and hear how God has worked to bring this family here to plant churches and teach in the Seminary. With 3, almost 4 children, they are bring some more action to the station! These pictures are at the airport just after they arrived.

James and I have the privilege of helping them get settled. James runs Barry around town helping him get paper work done, or looking for a car, or introducing them to a Doctor for Ellen. They seem to be adjusting so well. They have already begun language school and are loving Nilda.

Today, we were at the airport again, this time saying good-bye. George and Maxine Wells are moving back to the States after more than 37 years here. They were part of the team that started the Seminary. There was a large group of students there at the airport. They sent them off with the song, "God be with you till me meet again."

I keep thinking, which is harder? Those leaving America for the first time, heading off into all the adventures that God has in store; or those who are leaving Brazil and all the people they have loved and served? It seems to me they are different sides of the same coin. The life of a missionary is filled with good-byes. I guess this really visualizes the ebb and flow of missions. Praise the Lord for those who have served so faithfully and laid such great foundations. Praise the Lord as well for those who are today, heeding the call of God in their lives and leaving behind family and home to continue that work.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Children's Day Outreach

Saturday we had a children's outreach in honor of Children's Day. (Children's Day is a national holiday that is celebrated as largely as Christmas!)

We praise the Lord for the 42 children that attended. Our church families faithfully invited friends, neighbors, and even strangers!

We did a type of Bible club with singing, a story, and games.

Despite the rain and cooler temperatures God brought many out to hear the gospel.

Sunday morning we were thrilled when 14 of the children returned for Sunday School!!! Sunday evening we had 4 come back.

God is so good!