Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Mother and Friend

I am so thankful for my mom.
Everyone here kept saying, "She looks so young, you look like sisters."

My mom had me when she was twenty, so she is still young! I have always loved her youngness. I remember her doing cartwheels with us kids in the backyard when we were little. She took us to the amusement park and rode every roller coaster with us, (she was our #4.)

I remember my mom working hard to help my dad in the church. For many years we spent every Saturday "setting up church" in libraries, schools, daycares or our home, and every Sunday night, tearing it down. I remember us doing Joy Club parades through our neighborhood, inviting kids to Joy Club.

I remember my mom always reminding me that beauty is vain and fleeting, but that the heart that fears the Lord will endure. Imperishable beauty comes from within. It is a gentle and quiet spirit. She is always good to remind me that I can still be me, talkative and sometimes loud, and still have this spirit that God desires.

I remember my mom saying I should treat my brother and sister better because they will be the best friends I will ever have. Today, my mom and sister are my closest friends, right behind James!

When I look at my mom, I see grace and wisdom. A woman who loves God with all of her heart. A woman who is constantly praying and working to share that relationship with others.

My mom is proud of me...

Can any other words be of more encouragement?

Keep joyfully changing diapers, cleaning house, "setting up church", teaching your children and loving your husband, to the glory of GOD.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Experiences on the Walking Street

Today we went to the famous Walking Street in downtown Curitiba.

There are all kinds of stores and interesting sites to see and tastes to experience.

Here we are trying sugar cane juice, yummmy!
For lunch we had typical Brazilian salgados (salty foods). We all tried Cheese pastels. They were a hit!
There were lots of brazilian beads and seeds that interested the women! We all got little souvenirs!
I asked our guests what their favorite thing so far was, here are the answers:

Nathan: GUARANA (Brazilian soda)
Rindy: Cheese Pastels & Corn Ice Cream
Mom: Lime Ice Cream

These are the their responses to the strangest sites of the day,

Mom: A man walking down the street in nothing but a speedo!!!!!
(He is not pictured here because we were to stunned to grab our cameras!)
Rindy: The variety of clothes, (one person in a winter coat and boots and the next in summer nothings.)
Nathan: The statue man
(Pictured below)

Monday, May 19, 2008

She's Here!

My mom arrived on Wednesday evening. I can hardly believe it has almost been a year since we have seen her.

It has been so special to show her our new home, to watch the kids with her and to hear Hannah constantly pray and thank God that "Dramma" is here.

Friday we took a train trip down the mountain and saw some of God's marvelous creation. After a 4 hour trip on the train, we arrived at the town of Morretes where we ate lunch and did a little shopping. We took a 2 hour bus ride back to Curitiba we arrived home tired but happy.
Saturday we ate a picnic lunch at a beautiful garden here. This is how mom is spending her time here...
Always with a camera in hand, recording memories that need to last.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Dia Dos Maes at Nova Vida

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a wonderful mother's day at our church yesterday.

Following our normal Worship Service and Sunday School we had a short program for the Mothers.

Our Children group did a song and short poem, the Youth did a type of reader's theater along with a special number.

Then we received our gifts, which were mini photo albums!
We had 13 mom's present, 3 of those were visitors, PRAISE THE LORD!

Here we usually try to use the special days to invite unsaved friends or family. We were so thankful to see two parents of our children attend as well as the mother of our pastor's wife. All three are probably unsaved.

Continue to pray for us here at Nova Vida that the Lord would work in our hearts. That we would grow in wisdom and the knowledge of His Word, passionately sharing the precious gospel wherever we go.