Saturday, April 28, 2007

James' First Marathon

Well, he has done it!

James finished his first marathon at 11:31 a.m. eastern time! He completed the 26.2 mile run in 4:01:59. I was so proud of him as he ran across the second street bridge in Louisville, KY (mile 24).
So many people were walking up the hill but James just kept trucking!

They started the run at Iroquoios Park which was filled with hills, many more than he expected. At mile 9 he entered Churchhill Downs and ran the inner loop while race horses practiced for the Derby on the outer loop. He then ran through the University of Louisville campus and then turned east.
While James was working hard, we took a donut break at Krispy Kreme. Ummmm good! Hot fresh, melt in your mouth donuts!

The kids and I drove around the city following James with our friends, Josh and Gretchen. We had lots of fun figuring out the city and God always got us to the next spot just in time to see James. The last place we went to watch James was the Second St. Bridge that goes over the Ohio River, connecting Kentucky and Indiana. We got to take lots of pictures and the kids even ran with daddy for a bit of the race. Hannah tried to climb the bridge!

The last mile was the hardest. The route took you down 3 city blocks for the last mile. Not seeing the finish line was difficult at that point. But...
James finished well. When he turned 30 he decided to start running again and soon became interested running a marathon. In less than one year he has accomplished his goal.

Praise the Lord! For in ALL things, "May He have the PREEMINENCE"!


David and Sharon said...

YOU ARE THE MAN! Meu heroi!
Way to go bro.! Way to go Christen - I'm sure you were a huge part in James' success. Aren't you glad that Paul places a little bit of importance on exercise?

Gretchen said...

I cannot tell you guys how unbelievably fun of a day it was.


Josh and I loved every second of it. We are so proud of you guys! After you left tonight, I went running, and I realized that I really do love that "sport" (as Daniel would call it). I think I had enjoyed it when i had a running buddy and or just as a means of fitness, but I actually do like to run outside on a gorgeous day, just as a pastime.

But seriously, I am so impressed, James.

The Howards said...

Way to go, James!!! CONGRATULATIONS! And Christen, you and the children played a big roll in all this, too.
Love you,
(when are you returning home?)
Rindy (and Nate) in Slovakia.

Anonymous said...

BSB says Congrats, James! That feat was amazing! The last time I ran I ended up with a detached retina..
Also great to see pictures of you and the kiddos.

Nira said...

You write very well.