Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Blessings from our Couples Meeting

 Here are some blessings from our last couples meeting.  
1.   We were so happy to have almost all of our couples participate.  (17 people- one spouse was     traveling!)
2.  We were able to meet in a new place.  A family who has been with us for quite a while is really starting to get involved.   They were very excited about hosting the couples meeting.
3.  We had two unsaved men participate.  We pray that God is working in their hearts to bring them to Salvation.
 4.  After the study each of the couples wrote out 3 strengths and 3 weaknesses in their marriage.  We then traded names and are praying for each other until our next meeting.

All in all, we  praise the Lord for a  special time of being a little more "real" with each other, sharing our needs and being edified by the body of Christ. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hiding God´s Word in our hearts

Last night my Wednesday night class quoted Psalm 1 to the church.  
Over the past quarter they have been memorizing and discussing this passage. 
It is our prayer that the truths they have learned will be kept in their hearts and that the Holy Spirit will bring it to their remembrance when they need it. 

Along with this memorization project they were also challenged to have daily devotions during the quarter.  Three of the kids turned in all of the devotions and won Bibles for their efforts.  

When I picked them up for church last night each of the three shared with me how far they had read in their new bibles since they received them on Wednesday night.  
"I got to God´s Covenant with Abram."
"I got to the building of the Ark."
"I am on Ch. 14."

Pray that these children would walk in the light and continue to be transformed into His image. 

Wednesday I am excited for our class as we are beginning a study on the Attributes of God.
Pray for their hearts to be in AWE of our great God!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Little girls...growing up

 Our little girl is growing up!  
For years Hannah sucked her fingers. 
It started as an infant and with all the moving around we did on deputation it never seemed like the right time to break the habit. 
Later she was adapting to living a new country and it still didn´t seem like the right time...
Finally she was 5, 6, 7 years old and still sucking her fingers.  By now we had tried EVERYTHING to break the habit but nothing worked.  
I finally found a product on Amazon called Mavala Stop which worked wonders!  She stopped sucking but then started biting her nails so we went back to using the Mavala Stop for a while.  Finally she had no desire to put her fingers in her mouth!  

My beautiful 10 year old now has lovely nails and enjoys painting them at home.  
I decided it would be fun to get her nails done at a salon during our winter break.  
She had so much fun selecting her color, in fact she chose 2 colors! 
It was a fun day out for both of us.  
That´s my girl!!!   
Definitely growing up... but we pray that as she matures and grows physically she will grow in her understanding of God´s love for her and her love for the Lord. 

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Father's Day in Brazil

 Last Sunday we celebrated Father's day here in Brazil.  
As usual I had a little crisis wondering if I remembered to call my dad on the American Father's day which was 2 months ago and who can remember that far back!!!
Yes...I think I did call him:)

Then there is the inevitable question of how to honor the fathers at church???
What little gift will we give them this year?  Socks?  Pen?  Tool?
This year we broke the mold and decided not to buy them a gift!
We planned a father/child cook-out and soccer game.
The church's gift to the fathers was the meat!  
EVERYONE liked that idea!

So, after our morning service we headed out  for our cook-out.

 We really did have a great time of fellowship and fun.  
We had two unsaved fathers with us and God opened the door for a couple of really good 
Gospel conversations. 
 That night at church we did call all the fathers up to honor them and pray for them.  We had another unsaved father visit for this service as well.  

We are thankful for each of these men that God has brought into our lives and we pray that they will be the godly men that God calls them to be...
Men that do justly,
and love mercy,
and walk humbly with their God.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wrapping up the Month

We had a very full and fun weekend!  
I wanted to spend a few minutes catching you all up...

On Saturday we welcomed some fellow missionaries for a visit.
Evandro and Erica are here in the south for a few more months and so they thoughtfully came down for one last visit before their move back to the north of Brazil where they are planting a church.  


 Not long after they arrived, we held our bi-monthly men's and women's bible studies.  
The ladies met at our house while the men met at our neighbor's house.   

After the study we met up for a soup buffet!  It was perfect for a cool evening.  

 Sunday morning we officially welcomed our new members into the body!
We praise the Lord for this family and the work that He is doing in and through them.


 Sunday night we had our first missionary presentaion as Evandro shared about their ministry in the north.  We pray that this is the first of many missionaries to share with our church.
 We also had the priviledge of celebrating Dn. Lore's 75th birthday. 
I think she was overwhelmed with the church's response to her and the love they poured out on her.
We praise the Lord for her.  She has a hunger for the Word of God and studies constantly.
She is leading a weekly bible study with her unsaved neighbors and is boldly confronting the lies of satan.  She is fighting to trust God daily to meet her needs physically and spiritually.  
We are so thankful to have her here at IBR!
 After the service we celebrated all the July birthdays. 
 Usually Dn. Lore organizes these but we gave her the month off so she could enjoy the festivities. 
 Monday morning we headed off for a day of fishing.  Daniel spent some time on Nathaniel duty...
This entailed keeping Nathaniel out of the water and distracting him with little treasures in the sand!  
He did a great job.
 James and Evandro spent a good amount of time getting the kids fishing gear set up...
But did eventually find time to fish themselves.

Even the girls had fun with Lana's little pole!

 Jeremiah was super excited to fish and actually caught 4 blow fish!  
You can't eat blow fish but they sure are fun to catch and then kick back into the water all blown up like balloons!
 James had the catch of the day, landing the the biggest fish he has caught since we moved here.  We brought it home and grilled it up!  YUMMY!!!!    We are sure proud of our fisherman!
As I said, it was full but fun weekend.  
 Tuesday our friends went back to Curitiba and took Daniel with them
 so he could visit his grandparents.  
 So, we are down to only two kids and our home does feel empty! 
We are so thankful for the encouragment of having Evandro and Erica with us for a few days.  
God does know our needs and always meets them!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

We've Got LAND!!!!!

 Today we met at our new piece of property to Praise God for His abundant blessing to us.  
After several months of waiting the purchase of the land was finalized and we have the title in our hands!    Our deacons and James are meeting tomorrow night to put together a plan for the building that they will bring before the church at a business meeting next Sunday.  Pray for us to be of one mind as we plan out the building. 

 What a blessing to hear our people pray and praise God for His goodness to us.  

At the end of our time at the property one of the men shared how God had laid it on his heart to donate an electronic piano to the church.  (Our keyboard was recently stolen).  
We continue to be in awe of God's provision for our every need!  
Continue to pray for us here at Redemption Baptist that we would 
be lights in this place that God has given us. 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Missionary Culture

We are American Missionaries living in Brazil.
Our lives are full of constant contrasts and divided affections

We wanted Brazil to win the World Cup
We wanted America to do well

 On the way to our 4th of July celebration with some fellow missionaries we stopped to buy Brazil flags to put on the side mirrors of our car. 
 We get to Grandma's house and make US flags out of Playdough, 4th of July sugar cookies and
 US colored jello.
 Over breakfast we hear a report from Daniel on American History.

We put on our most Red, White and Blue clothes, (All our Old Navy Flag shirts have grown too small:) and head off to our 4th of July cook-out with Hot dogs and Hamburgers and baked beans. 

But at 5 o'clock Brazil is playing so we quickly switch to our Blue, Green and Yellow clothes and cheer for Brazil.  Finishing off the night with a Brazilian style cook out!

Missionaries have a culture all their own.  Their home country is always in their hearts but while they are gone that culture grows and changes without them and they are left feeling out of place or like they don't quite fit in like they used to.   Their ministry country is in their hearts as well but no matter how hard they try they will never quite fit in there either.  One of the greatest lessons I have learned as a missionary is that we are Strangers and Foreigners...PILGRIMS in this land.  And the longing that I have for a home is really a longing for heaven.