Thursday, May 14, 2015

Ladies Cafe

 Saturday we hosted a Cafe for the women of the church in honor of mothers day.  

 We decided to do a "garden" event and praise the LORD 
that we had a beautiful, warm, fall afternoon!

 We are so thankful for several visitors that were able to attend.  One of the women, Gladys, has been participating in the studies we have done with Dona Lore the past few months.  We are praying for her heart to be opened to Salvation by Grace, not her works.  Her daughter, Nina, also came.  Nina participated in our NEB's over a year ago but we were never able to get her to visit church.  It is exciting to see how God is continuing to allow us to have an influence in her life.  
We are praying that she will see Christ in us.

 We had a great time together.  Each lady brought a coffee cup which we exchanged during a game.  

Rachel did an excellent job of organizing everything as well as bringing the study.  Our theme was Vasos de Honra, (Vases of  Honor) and she challenged us to be used by God in our weakness, allowing ourselves to be molded by Him into what He designed us to be.  

 Speaking of Vases...
This picture shows 2 milk boxes, one liter each.
One of our young woman made vases for each of the women to take home at the end of the cafe.
Isn't it amazing how two ugly boxes can make something so beautiful!!

Now in a great house there are not only vessels of gold and silver but also of wood and clay, some for honorable use, some for dishonorable. 21 Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable,[d] he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work.

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Labor Day in Brazil

Labor Day in Brazil is May 1st...
which is also my birthday!
Usually it is a nice fall day so we usually go visit one of God's masterpieces.
 This year we started off the day by meeting up with a some new friends and doing an American style cook-out, hamburgers and a type of brats.  YUMMY!
 We then visited a beautiful spot about 40 minutes from our home where there are several hot springs that come to the surface.
Caldas do Imperatriz
 It was a beautiful day and we all enjoyed climbing around the spring river and exploring God's incredible handiwork!
 The Taylor kids with new friends John and Peter

 Rachel and me with our precious new friend Raquel.

You keep him in perfect peace
    whose mind is stayed on you,
    because he trusts in you.
 Trust in the Lord forever,
    for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.

Happy Labor Day from Brazil!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Santa Catarina in Pictures

We recently took a trip into the interior of our state and visited a small German Community.
Here are some pictures of the beautiful place we live.

 Large bromelias common here in Brazil

 Hannah with a statue in honor of the immigrants that came from Germany to Southern Brazil

 Catholic church in São Martinho

The German communities here are split between Catholic and Lutheran

 Authentic German Restaurant we visited

 Loved this old church in the woods.
Literally in the woods!  
We drove for 20 minutes on dirt roads, crossing one lane wooden bridges and came upon this spot.  The kids loved having a chance to ring the church bells!

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Friday Afternoons

For the past couple of months James and Sandro have been going out on Friday afternoons to share the Gospel.  They have had many interesting experiences from sharing the Gospel in a small mall near our home, to follow-up visits from our kids club, to gospel conversations with local business owners.  They had a great talk with one man about salvation, and at the end he gave his business card to them and offered to install the glass in our church for free.  They have talked with people who have achieved "sinless perfection" and then last week met with a young man made a profession of faith.

Through it all they have seen Gods leading and provision, even on rainy days!

In the past few weeks God has allowed several of these visits to lead to one on one Bible studies.   One lady they met right away asked "Do you all do Bible Studies?"   Pray for James and I as we are planning to begin a study with her.  

This has been a great time of sharpening each other and motivational for the rest of the church.  It seems like we are all far more aware of the spiritual needs of the world around us.

So if you think about us on Friday afternoons, pray for us as we are out sharing the good news of Jesus to the best of our abilities.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kids Club

 The past two Saturdays we have been able to hold a kids club.  We praise the Lord for each child as well as several adults who had the chance to hear the goods news of the gospel.  

 Karine did a wonderful job teaching the Bible story time, which taught on Joshua and the battle of Jericho but led to a wonderful Gospel presentation.  

 Game time as well as arts and crafts rounded out the day and allowed the kids to take the gospel home with them!
The theme of our club was the "Secret Formula" which is Jesus.  One of our men dressed up like a crazy scientist who was looking for the secret formula.  He spent the first club searching through the Bible for the formula.  He was reading through the book of Colossians (just to pass time) and in the version he was using, he ran across this translation, "This is the secret;  Christ in you!"  He was so excited that God had brought this verse to his attention during the club, because truly, Jesus is the secret to all of life!

Pray for us as we follow up with the families of the kids who came to the club.  We are really excited as two girls who came both weeks of the club were there on Sunday night with their brother.  Their mom and dad are showing some interest as well.  Pray that they will see the true gospel in us here at Redemption Baptist and that God will save this family.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Courage to Proclaim

Last Sunday morning our men were praying specifically for courage to share the gospel in their daily lives. Alex prayed for that, knowing that his tendency towards shyness often kept him from sharing his Savior with others.                                                                                                                                                                                         One day this week he stopped at the bakery for bread.  The usually bustling store was strangely empty.  As he asked for bread, the attendant commented on how cool his bracelet was.   Taken by surprise at the opening God was giving him he stood stunned for a moment.  As the attendant went back to get the bread, Alex gathered his thoughts and was ready to use his gospel bracelet to share the good news with this lady.  
Alex was able to share that God is represented by the yellow, He alone is perfect, holy and glorious. And although He created us to be in a relationship with Him we are separated from Him by our sin, which is represented by the color black.  But the good news is God sent His son Jesus to die on the cross and his perfect blood  (red) provides forgiveness, purifying our sinful hearts (white) for those who believe in Christ alone.  The green represents the new life we have in Christ and the privilege we have to once again be in an intimate relationship with Christ.

Alex took home several more bracelets to give out to people he comes in contact with on a regular basis. He is praising the Lord for this special answer to prayer, courage to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Saturday, March 07, 2015

Bathing the year in Prayer

Friday night we had a special prayer service.  Our theme was based on Matthew 26 where Jesus and His disciples went to pray in preparation for His coming betrayal and death.
"Watch and Pray" 
 I cannot begin to express what a blessed time this was.  
It drew us closer to the Lord and to one another.  
We had times of individual prayer, confessing sin and seeking the Lord.
 We had times of group prayer, men and women, as well as small groups.  
 We had times of singing and praising our Lord together.
We had times of sharing testimonies of Salvation, how we seek to walk intimately with God, how  the church can pray for our walk with God and more.  
There are moments when I stand amazed at the work God is doing in us and through all of us here at IBR.  Friday night was one of those moments!
Oh Lord, You are GOOD to me!  
Help me to stay on the path of Your commands and take pleasure in them.